The Syntactic Structure of Complex Sentences

Autor: Cerban Madalina

Cod: 684

ISBN: 978-606-14-0367-7

Editura: Editura Universitaria

Data aparitiei: Martie 2013

Colectia: In afara colectiilor

Pagini: 202

Format: A5

Disponibilitate: in stoc

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If we were to present the book in very few words, we would say that it is a theoretical/practical approach to the syntax of complex sentences given the fact that theory and practice are constantly interwoven throughout the whole work.

The Syntactic Structure of Complex Sentences in its present form has been devised to serve two immediate purposes, i.e. as a course book and reference grammar resource for Romanian native students who read/study English and as a necessary introduction to the analysis of English complex sentences that will carry further the study of English at BA and MA levels. Each chapter has been structured to include a theoretical presentation of the selected issues, followed by truefalse items briefly checking the theoretical presentation as well as a large amount of language practice meant to enable the students to gain understanding and awareness of the relationships between clauses and the transformations they need to undergo.

As the target population may be larger than initially intended by the author of the course the author provides straightforward explanations regarding the syntax of English complex sentences, analyzing the components they are made up of, identifying the main and subordinate (embedded) clauses and pointing out the most accurate constructions that can be used in certain clauses.

The examples that follow every assertion are easy to understand, logical, and as short as the minimal context allows it. Bolds and italics are used consistently in order to make the book agreeable to the reader.

Every chapter is followed by exercises that are varied in form, purpose and degree of difficulty in order to make the students understand how clauses within complex sentences function.

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