Recent Trends in Majorization Theory and Optimization. Applications to Wireless Communications

Autor: Ionel Rovența

Cod: 925

ISBN: 978-606-14-0925-9; 978-606-26-0303-8

Editura: Editura Universitaria & Editura Pro Universitaria

Data aparitiei: Mai 2015

Colectia: In afara colecțiilor

Pagini: 112

Format: Academic

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In this book we present some recent convex analysis tools (majorization, convex-concave arguments, which are used to study some optimization problems. We point out the relevance of these areas in the framework of applied mathematics and computer science,especially to treat some actual problems(wireless communication networks, traffic strikes, nonlinear optimization).

The possibility to use convex analysis in different type of problems has been increased vigorously and such activity had a great influence on other areas of science. Convex analysis has grown in connection with the study of optimization and equilibrium problems, network flows, control of linear and nonlinear systems. These actual and modern disciplines have no border and they rather have good effects on each other.

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