Autor: Costina Denisa Bărbuceanu

Cod: 1509

ISBN: 978-606-14-1581-6

Editura: Editura Universitaria

Data aparitiei: Aprilie 2020

Colectia: In afara colectiilor

Pagini: 320

Format: Academic

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ENGLISH FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES is an intrinsically, reference material that fuses English language learning with the content of social studies in a background that is multicultural. The paper enables social study through English, and increases it through a focus on individual connotation and its message, both of which are introductory to the communicative language seminar room. More precisely, English for Social Sciences pursues both to assist students from the Social Sciences Faculty in achieving the specialized language and educational ability essential to access English sociological resources and to offer a public in which students can link sociological content to their lives. English for sociology is a reference material especially designed for students of the Faculty of social sciences, specialisations: Welfare or Social Assistance, Philosophy, History, International Relations and European Studies, Sociology, Political Sciences, but also for those who want to learn ESP vocabulary, in context. The paper merges English language learning with the content of sociological studies in a cross-cultural context. Its purpose is to help students attain the specialized language and cultural proficiency necessary to access English sociological resources. The course is aimed at sociology-oriented students, constituting a set of sociological communication skills, in a practical integrative model with 14 units focused on vocabulary and sociology terminology, providing instruction and practice in the skills of reading comprehension in English, speaking, and writing, using authentic social sciences texts. The way in which meaning is conveyed through mode of discourse, genre, organization of ideas, paragraph and sentence structure, and the skills of scanning, skimming and interpreting cohesive devices are included. The 14 units offer practice in applying reading, writing and speaking skills. The course includes a variety of authentic textbooks and printed sources, which create and maximize learning opportunities for the development of interperson

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